How the classic wedding is carried out in Sri Lanka

According to the Buddhist beliefs and practices, sri Lankans are generally Buddhists, so you will obviously expect a wedding to be conducted. This is simply not totally the situation much like modernity, the ways weddings are performed have transformed. This is certainly nevertheless far from the truth with a standard Buddhist wedding event.

All this starts off once the moms and dads of the gentleman come up with a proposal to the parents of lady that he wishes to wed. They will likely make use of an intermediary known as the magul kapuwa. This may be a comic individuality, present in such occasions


For your proposal to find out the sunshine throughout the day, the suitor and the lady of his expensive has to be suitable. Horoscope when the horoscope breaks down to match, then the wedding event offer will not be arranged; it aborts. As soon as they are considered suitable, details on the amount of the dowry and when it will be paid are deliberated. This all time, the mother and father of both sides have not met and it also only following information on the dowry are paid out on that the mothers and fathers in the suitor go to the girl’s mother and father the very first time because the negotiations on terms started.

Change of bands

The trade of wedding rings between your suitor with his fantastic bride-to-be transpires after a day time is decided. Most of the things that comply with are based on the alignment of superstars. They manual amongst other things once the set up to the D-day time, prep for your sugary meats on the wedding party for individuals who will attend the wedding service.

Wedding ceremony

Marriage ceremonies take different points of views in Sri Lanka. For the more well-off family members, it will probably be designated with a wonderful wedding service becoming carried out in a posh hotel. Older routines pass away challenging because the old age habit of the standard ceremony consists of tossing confetti at the gleaming limousine with an outdated shoes trailing it!

Just how the wedding service venue appears like

The place of the wedding ceremony is marked by usage of marquees made of corrugated iron, embellished with bunting. Bunting describes weaved cloth which can be light-weight. In the erected construction is really a part known as the poruwa, which normally appears to be a pulpit. It really is created in these kinds of method to show off the creative prowess from the Sri Lankan craft smiths.

The food

Meals is essential in any given celebration, no less the wedding ceremony one of the Sri Lankans. You may be served with unsweetened rice pudding known as kiribath, coconuts, heaves of betel, fried fresh mushrooms called kevum. The second mushrooms are produced from rice and treacle. You will find crucial folks in case referred to as sometimes the washerman or washerwoman, that are presented most these food items and items as a way of saying thanks to them.

The introduction of your bridegroom

By dancing and beating of drums, the arrival of the bridegroom is marked. This is basically the accountability in the brother on the bride-to-be to clean the feet of his upcoming brother-in-law. In exchange, the bridegroom hands the sibling to his bride a band, which is dipped inside a basin water. The bride arrivals follow afterwards, in design. weddings