Best Essential Oil Diffuser 2015

Best Essential Oil Diffuser 2015 from Gentle Breezes™ - Around the world, people are discovering the benefits of essential oils. Now you can enjoy the exquisite bliss of deep aromatherapy relaxation in a soothing spa environment with this easy to use state of the art Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser.


This aromatherapy diffuser uses the latest Ultrasonic Technology.
The water retainer cover is designed to cycle the water vapor, and increase the volume of the mist for 7 hours continuously! This diffuser can also take any citrus oil combination.

All you need is the Gentle Breezes™ diffuser, the included power-cord, clean tap water,
and your favorite essential oil(s).

--- How to Operate---

Lift the cover of the unit.
Plug the power cord in the unit.
Fill the water retainer with tap water up to the maximum water level line.
Add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil.
Put the cover back on the unit, and plug the adapter into a power outlet.
Switch on the unit, and enjoy the beneficial mist immediately.
Essential oils have a calming and soothing effect.
You can choose between seven color LED light options, that are built into the unit.

The Gentle Breezes™ ultrasonic aroma diffuser can be used with the right essential oils to boost mental concentration and alertness.
Using the right blend of essential oils can also improve your sleep.
It helps you open and soothe airways, gets rid of headaches and stress, and relaxes the body.
The diffuser shuts off automatically when the water runs out.
The diffuser is also safe to use around house pets. Your pets can also reap the health benefits from essential oils.

Various Recipes and Blends, can be found in our FREE complimentary eBook when you purchase the Gentle Breezes™ Ultrasonic Diffuser.

---How to maintain---

The diffuser is very easy to maintain.
Disconnect the power-cord.
Take the cover off the unit.
Clean the inside of the water retainer with a soft cloth.
The ceramic disk in the middle of the unit can be wiped clean with a cotton swab.

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