Fiber optic splicing and testing

Optical fiber splicing methods are welding, active connections, and mechanical connection from fiber optic manufacturer in china. Most of them are used in engineering welding method with this welding method contact loss, return loss, and high reliability.


Optical fiber splice’ processes and procedures are here for you.

1. Stripping cable and cable box fixed to follow. Be careful not to hurt the beam tube stripping lengths are about 1m, the ointment wiped clean with a tissue, penetrates the fiber optic cable connecting box, fixed wire must be pressed, not loose. Otherwise, it may cause the cable to break roll core.

2. The sub-fiber optical fiber through the heat shrinks tubing. The different beam tube fiber of different colors from fiber optic cable supplier is separately, through the heat shrink tubing. Strip the coating of optical fiber is very fragile, use heat shrink tube, can protect fiber splices.

3. Open Furukawa S176 splicer power supply, the use of 42 kinds of preset programs are welded together and timely in use and after use to remove welding machine in the dust, in particular fixture, each mirror and V-groove of dust and fiber chopped not. CATV fiber used with a conventional single-mode fiber and dispersion shifted single-mode fiber, the operating wavelength of 1310nm and 1550nm there are two kinds.


So, before you want to select an appropriate fusion welding procedures and work according to the fiber wavelength system from fiber optic adaptor wholesale. As there are no special circumstances, generally use the automatic welding process.