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FS300R12KE3 is one of the excellent semiconductors capable of boosting the performance of a UPS. With such amazing features, it has become a popular IGBT transistor module across the globe!


FS300R12KE3 IGBT module has a light weight with the ability to generate power of as much as 1200V and 300A.


An outstanding feature of FS300R12KE3 is its square RBSOA. With such component, this IGBT transistor module won’t have to worry about its current rating deteriorating so easily when on a high voltage! To improve efficiency, it has low saturation voltage, less total power dissipation and even modified FWD characteristics!


Infineon, the manufacturer of this transistor module also guaranteed its flexibility. Aside from UPS, FS300R12KE3 also works best on solar converters, motor drives, CAVs and other high power switching applications.


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