Should You Run PPC Ads If You Are Already Ranking Organically

Should You Run PPC Ads If You Are Already Ranking Organically

Standing high from organic search is a definitive statement your content is engaging and thought provoking and that your approach to search engine Optimization (orSEO) is sound. However, does it make sense to run a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign when you previously rank high in organic searches? If you operate ppc company, arent you only cannibalizing clicks because theyre ones you'll have received anyways?


There are a myriad of opinions for and against PPC campaigns that are running when your website ranks high in organic searches. PPC campaigns can drive additional traffic to your website, but is it worth it? The only way you ll ever know if youll benefit from a PPC campaign is if you run an A/B split test.


Most webmasters, site owners and internet marketing professionals are well aware of the benefits of running A/B split tests. Simply put, these evaluations enable you to run separate trials where changing a single variable can have positive or negative effects on click-through rates (CTR). Finally, its up to you to define what those results are.


In our situation, the response to our aforementioned questions comes from comparing earnings, CTR and a sites traffic from organic search versus CTR, the traffic and earnings when organic search is united with a PPC campaign. While the PPC effort together with organic search is your evaluation group, the organic search results are your control group.


Allowed, its an investment to run a PPC campaign and it will cost money. However, if the net benefit of running the campaign is a rise in earnings and CTR, subsequently running the PPC campaign makes sense. Its a question of whether the site would have received those clicks or whether the PPC campaign is taking clicks from organic search away anyways. Its about defining the earnings increase of combining organic search with a competitive PPC campaign. So, how is this done?


Identify that term in which you rank high in organic search. This really is key word or the term wherever site or your site takes one of the very first three results in online searches. Ultimately, its your search term with the highest PageRank.


Second, define the value of CTR, your traffic and earnings as is. This really is your standard. All you measure from this point forward will be compared to your initial results. In this case, its the A portion of the A/B split test. Again, your organic results are your control group.