KOSUN LS584 Hi-G Dryer Shaker can be Used for Processing the Water-base Mud

With advanced KOSUN Hi-G Dryer shaker technology, the Hi-G dryer shaker is efficient in recovering more oil based drilling fluids and the Oil On Cuttings (OOC) figures is significantly reduced. Another benefit is the elimination of whole mud losses from the traditional shale shaker. So with the use of Hi-G dryer shaker in the down stream of mud system, it can allows the shakers to run at their maximum capacity without the concern of the mud loss of the mud system. This is why the Middle East drilling contractor cone to us for the Hi-G Cuttings Dryer for their existing mud system.

Through treatment by KOSUN WBM (water based mostly mud ) appliance system, solids discharge is greatly reduced and lubricating substance in drilling waste are often separated and recovered by high speed VFD centrifuge, that realizes lubricating substance utilization in drilling solids system. Besides saving an outsized quantity of lubricating substance price for drilling company, the system additionally reduces handling and centralized process price of drilling waste, tested to be the simplest alternative for zero discharge drilling waste project for drilling corporations. 

Meanwhile, KOSUN Hi-G shaker system instrumentation is additionally union at CNPC drilling website. when Hi-G dryer treatment, OOC drops to 15%-17%, that meets process customary and handling necessities of Party A. Cuttings are often directly transferred to central treatment station for process while not hardening at website. KOSUN zero discharge drilling waste treatment system instrumentation is commercialism hot and also the demand exceeds the provision. Be happy to go to our company and drilling website for field analysis, expect to customers from everywhere the planet for cooperation and get.

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