Ecology At School!

Many blogs suggest that ecology as a means to transmit to children with fun educational principles of recycling and giving little instruction on how to teach the operation of the solar wind energy in a simple and fun way. There are indeed many possibilities from this point of view that are mainly aimed at projects in schools and public and private at all levels to educate small-abiding citizens and savers.

These initiatives, promoted both by public and private composting dog poop institutions, are monitored by the Centre on Education suggests that energy just to collect these experiences both nationally and internationally to broaden their scope and allow everyone to have access. And this has brought to light how important these issues are for local governments and for teachers of all levels.

The projects are structured differently depending on the age of young students in order to develop different types of activities that base on intellectual and motor skills of children.

For kindergartens are many laboratories have explored the field of renewable energy laboratory manuals addressing involves the construction of small toys running on wind energy or photovoltaic then allow kids to understand, with simple steps, the conversion of energy.

For primary schools were much better used as a visual mode CD-ROMs, DVDs but also through the interactive computer / video game specific.

For secondary schools of first and second degree were much more specific ways in which it was left to raise awareness among students. Since larger pupils because they could work together even more active development of the project allowing it to build custom activities appropriate for each age and type of provision taking into account the specific address of the school and susceptibilities of the individual pupil. So wide and sector-specific studies that have helped better understand the need to address these energy mode then turning the task not only students but also in a transversal families of origin.

All of these activities in recent years have received particular attention not only in big cities like Rome, Milan, Naples but also in small countries where local governments have funded these activities and deepened by participating actively in every phase.

In parallel with many activities for children and teens have been and are still present, awareness raising proposals also blogs energies targeting adults who were able to learn so many different realities and possibilities that energy technology and innovation have made possible as the calculations of savings in terms of environment in terms of money. Possibility of which we must increasingly take advantage to the forefront and especially for our young citizens.