Reasons that can convince you to buy a Carbon fiber rims set

I. Aerodynamics

A major difference between traditional aluminum rims and Carbon fiber rims is the aerodynamic design. Extruding deep aluminum rims is quite difficult, and even if successful, they would be quite heavy. This isn't the case with carbon wheels.

Bicycle rims can be found with rims ranging from 50mm, 60 mm and 80 mm. Such designs can play a critical role in wheel aerodynamics, especially in high speed races. Moreover, the added depth is free of unnecessarily greater weight, which would be the case with hybrid carbon/aluminum wheel sets.

Aerodynamic features aren't just limited to the rims, since the shape of an entire wheel can include special designs features that further enhance this. Such designs include wheel discs, normally installed as the back wheel.

If you haven't noticed, expert riders always ensure that they don't cancel out such aerodynamic advantages by adopting specific body postures. One such posture is the positioning of a rider's legs on the crank cycle (based on data from Human Kinetics, greatest aerodynamic advantage is achieved from a crank positioned at 90 degrees with respect to the ground). This is bound to produce significant aerodynamic advantages, when combined with other aerodynamic aspects of the bike.

However, you should take note that most manufactures discourage against using latex tubes on your wheels. This is because carbon fiber doesn't transfer heat like metal; hence, heat build-up in the wheel would be transferred to the tire and tube. With latex tubes, an increased psi caused by the heat transfer would raise the potential of a tire burst.

You should also remember to wipe water off your brake pads in wet conditions. You can easily do this by allowing a full wheel rotation to help restore the grip on your brake tracks.

II. Appearance

Carbon wheels possess an appealing aero look. You're not just getting a speed advantage, but also an appealing look to go with it. Those deep wheels transform your bike into a futuristic, streamlined speed machine. This is drastically different from the clunky and mechanical look of aluminum rims.

Now that you know why you should get Carbon fiber rims, you might need a few tips to help you make the best choice.

Useful Tips When Buying Carbon fiber rims

If you're buying wheels intended for a specific competitive event, you first need to be aware of any restrictions provided by the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale). For instance, the UCI provides a detailed list of specific types of wheels allowed for mass start competitions. Therefore, you should first check whether your choice conforms to the applicable requirements.

In other instances, you may want a wheel for use in both competitive, extreme riding conditions as well as daily use. Versatile wheels would be the best choice, since they can be easily upgraded from daily to competitive use. However, you should always check that whatever wheel you choose is appropriate to the riding conditions in which you intend to use it. If you want to get more information about Carbon fiber rims Visit this site:-


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