40 Years After Viessmann Vitola 200 Yet In The Lead by Sam Braidley

In the part 1 of this article we discussed Viessmann model Vitorond 100, a gem of an energy saver.

Compare what you will get from Model Vitola 200 - their other star performer for decades.

Having been first designed in 1970, Vitola 200 which is available in capacity range 83,000 but/hr to 300,000 btu/hr is an ultra low temperature heating boiler. The construction of the heat exchanger is cast iron/steel composite which resist corrosion (caused by condensation of moisture due to low water temperature) and therefore premature failure.

By design the water walls are larger and also hold a larger quantity of water.

This model can be incorporated withVitotronic-200 digital control system which is similar to that in

Vitorond 100. There are over 2 million users of these model boilers all over the world the manufacturers

claim. It is worthwhile to check why this particular design stands out over others.

Patented Oil burner

An oil burner patented by Viessmann is used in all Vitolo 200.Named Vitoflame 200 by the manufacturer, the burner ensures maximum combustion of the fuel.

The patented Heat Exchanger

40 years ago Viessmann developed and incorporated their ground breaking heat exchanger in Vitola 200. And it remains to date arguably the most reliable and technologically advanced boiler.

What makes the heat exchanger of Vitola 200 stand out from other brands of oil fired boilers?

For one thing its heat exchanger is with a double wall construction of steel and cast iron.

For the current trend of radiant floor heating systems, Vitola 200 boiler is an ideal choice.

Even at low boiler water temperatures the boiler would provide safe operation. The heat exchanger operates like a double pane window, preventing the condensation of moisture of combustion at low boiler water temperatures leading to troublesome corrosion of heat exchanger and wherever water accumulate.

Provide heating at excellent room comfort conditions.

A microprocessor based control system

In addition, the Vitola 200 also has a unique microprocessor based control system which is basically the same as used in Vitorond 100, the Vitotronic system. What unique advantages does it offer?

The system senses the outdoor temperature, whether winter, summer or in between and by means of the microprocessor determines whether to run, at what temperature, when to shut down etc.

The outdoor reset function senses the temperature fluctuations and adjusts the boiler water temperature accordingly. It enables the boiler to work at temperatures as low as 27 0 C with no damage to the heat exchanger, a feat quite beyond conventional oil fired boilers.

This would enable the boiler to shut down fully when no heating is needed, saving barrels of fuels and sacks of cash for you.

Other great features

Some other great features included in Vitola 200 are:

As an energy efficient process, will result in low emissions of CO2 and NOx

The combustion chamber is of stainless steel

Thermal insulation of 3 (90 mm nom. thickness)

Ability to retain a large volume of water in the large water walls of boiler, retaining the temperature for a long time.

Reduced burner cycling and fuel consumption

Energy Star qualified appliance.

Looks the 2 million users have made the right choice after all!