Arcanacry - WorkForce

Arcanacry - WorkForceThis is an Official Contract between IMMORTAL ONE Gam Arcanaca and SIMS MORTAL gimson. Contract of Employment Validity of Contract: 2015 to 2048(2071) Job Title: Agent for IMMORTAL ONE Objectives: Annihilation of Dodies & SpaceDino. WorkScope: COSMIC Works, News, Spacelab, Bonds, Sims-Culture, Law & Order and setting up of Sims-Human Bureau. To Monitor iomo cuso FB account. Work of Decode: By Cards & Executions. Working Hours: Mon-Fri 13:00hrs to 23:00hrs Work may required to travel. Recalls for Work are Compulsory. All Orders must be done. Others: Social Companionship Salary: SGD4000 a week Requests made by Agent: IO Protection. Power to have Arcanacry. All Zeuss to Leave. FOR CUSO, GAM Immortal One