A Straightforward And Crazy Way To Recover Your Computer Data

The BIOS wasnt able to detect the hard drive. So I did some looking online and found an actual crazy way to recover the data....

Here was an actual life situation I was in. I worked as 1 day and a support staff a notebook that crashed was given to me. After some diagnostics, I found bad sectors on the hard disk and lots of clunging sounds whenever I turned on the notebook. Regrettably, an individual have some vital data to the hard disk and must have it in 24 hours. Visit principles to check up the purpose of it.

The BIOS wasnt in a position to identify the hard disk. Should you fancy to get more about www.surfline.com/company/bios, we recommend many databases you should pursue. So I did some searching online and found a real crazy way to recover the information. Therefore, since I've tried other ways to recover the info without success I decided to set it to the test. I take away the hard disk from the notebook and place in the refrigerator!

Today its crucial that you do not put the hard disk in the ice box for a long time. I put it in for about half an hour and then quickly connected the hard disk to an additional hard disk casing and connected it to another computer via the USB port.

Remarkably, it worked, the hard disk drive was recognized and I ripped the data that the person needed for the computer as fast as I can.

I've done this several times since then and it can worked. Nevertheless, I came across it'll only work with a short span of time. So you should copy as fast as possible to your computer when the hard-disk is working frequently, you will have a period of about 15 to 20 minutes. This riveting save on website has oodles of interesting suggestions for how to engage in this hypothesis.

Somehow cooling the temperature of the hard-disk helps a lot. Heres another suggestion that I found. You can try tilting the hard-disk sideways or at an about 60 degrees downwards. I discovered that by doing this, I could prolong the time by another 10 minutes or so.

However I like to caution you that only try this process when all the methods of recovering the data fails. There's an opportunity the hard drive is permanently damaged if it's in-the freezer for a long time.

Also, this method will simply work if your hard disk drive continues to be spinning when driven up. In case your hard drive does not spin and is useless in the water, then this process will not work..