Transparent sleeve on a transparent mug.

The best selling jam made by the German fruit processing company

Zenris has had its packaging relaunched by Greiner Packaging in the form

of a transparent bowl mug holding 200 grams.

"Breakfast Jam Extra" from Zentis has provided ever more

fruity highlights on German breakfast tables. An extraordinary packaging

shows the tempting fruitiness of the bread spread to its full advantage.

The transparency of the bowl shaped mug allows a good view of the

content and the rich amount of fruit pieces. The culinary delight is

increased by a transparent sleeve; next to the logotype and the

information on the ingredients, poster-like fruits are printed in

maximum print quality. "Breakfast Jam Extra" has a fruit

content of 50 percent and is available in 14 flavours on the German


Robert Obermayr, Product Group Director k1/k2, underscores the

uniqueness of this packaging solution: "The bowl mug for Zentis is

a technical novelty. For the first time, a transparent sleeve has been

attached to a transparent mug. Whilst doing so, our long-standing

experience with cup-sleeving really came in useful".

The capacity of the new bowl mug fully meets the trend towards

shrinking households. Containing 200 grams, its dimension ideally suits

the demands of small households, young families and singles. The bowl

mug is made of crystal-clear PS stylishly shaped and has an opening

diameter of 95 millimetres. It can be resealed with a PET lid any time,

which enables consumers to enjoy the fruitiness in several portions.

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