Three major opportunities of the auto parts industry

The first:the rapid development of domestic automobile market 

    China has its own special national conditions, our income gap is larger than the countries’ which are powerful in automobile industry. The size of the income gap will play a vital role in the popular speed of durable consumer goods. The smaller the income gap is, the shorter the time of the popular speed takes, and vice versa.
    The income gap is relatively bigger which determine the popular speed of car in China is relatively slower, thus China's auto parts market will maintain a longer period of sustained growth, which also win a relatively long period of development for weak brand enterprises.


The second: accelerate the domestic automobile industry’s internationalization 

    During the twelfth five year period, the state will vigorously promote the internationalization of the automobile industry, and encourage the automobile enterprises to go out. But with international OEMs, it will also be a good pulling effect for China's independent parts enterprises.
    Now the selling point of our automobile products match well with the demands of the consumers. At present, the world wide, South America is the fastest in the sales growth of auto products, South Korea, Japan and African market is also growing rapidly. However, the people in these countries pay more emphasis on the low price of automotive products. At the same time, with the country actively promoting the internationalized road of automobile industry , our country becoming auto power will also be just around the corner. So under such a background, auto parts enterprises will also usher in new developing opportunities.

The third: the rapid development of the independent automobile enterprise 

     China's auto market is undergoing a new change, that is the two or three line market, especially the three line market is becoming the main growth and support point of China's auto parts development in the future. And consumers in three line of the market are not interested in foreign cars, instead, they pay more attention to economic applicability of automobile. Meanwhile, influenced by Chinese traditional thought, they have their own understanding about the appearance of the car. According to these characteristics, the independent brand cars has more developing advantage.
     As the domestic independent brand enterprise is gradually strong, it will pull the rapid development of domestic auto parts industry . Domestic independent brand enterprises should grasp the opportunity and seek better development.