All 89xx series are attactive well made watches that look much more expensive than they are

I really like this watch for everyday wear! This was my first Invicta watch purchase. I am HARD on watches - some last less than a year before they fail or break or fall out of favor.

I've become a great fan of Invicta Sports watches. Invicta is to Seiko what Infiniti is to Nissan. Better quality, design and engineering - more attractive styling at a great price.

I chose this model 8928 for a match to my University ring and school colors. This is a VERY attractive watch. With a Japanese auto-wind movement (visable through mineral glass transparent back), water resistance to 660 feet (I've had it to 130 ft with no problems) - superior quality on fit and finish - it makes a striking statement on your wrist. It looks (intentionally) very much like a Rolex Submariner (who watch collectors qualify as a very good $800 watch that sells for $3,000!).

Things I like:

1. VERY attractive timepiece - striking design and engineering
2. Fit, finish, style and quality are superior to more expensive watches
3. A great diving watch for a great price
4. Transparent mineral glass watch back reduces chance of skin irritation for wear every day
5. Two tone stainless wrist band is high quality, attractive and comfortable
6. Timekeeping is tolerably accurate for an autowind
7. No batteries
8. Watch movement should last 4-5 years before major servicing
9. Watch face magnifier for date

Things I'd like to see improve

1. Power reserve - watch will wind down if not worn every other day
2. Requires a seperate watch "autowinder" to keep time and date if not worn daily
3. NOT a chronometer - time must be adjusted monthly after "break-in" period
4. 23k gold plate links on wristband prone to scratching
5. Too inexpensive to invest in a 4-5 year major maintenance - buy another one?OPPO Find 7

The Invicta sports model series 8926 (all stainless) diving watch has been their franchise for many years. All 89xx series are attactive well made watches that look much more expensive than they are.

I've seen prices from $118 to $155 for this model - all merchants claiming low price. Be careful of a vendors reliability and customer service. Invicta may not honor its warranty from gray market merchants. If not an authorized dealer - be sure the seller offers an in-house warranty that promises fast turnaround on repair.

The Invicta 8928 is an attractive, low cost, high quality time piece. You can't go wrong with this model.

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