Tiny pitch LED show prairie northwest

Lately, the 2015 yearly seminar was held in Lanzhou, Lanzhou, Nanjing lying Trang.(led traffic signs) The conference invited the methods integrators and industrial buyers greater than 50 Northwest, about the smaller pitch applications industry prospective customers, goods and fine pitch display and handle applications, also as project design and style and implementation of key points produced comprehensive and full communication and exchange, and successfully shared a little pitch merchandise during the northwest region of the military, transportation, energy, urban management as well as the application of the several departments and units with the government case.

The product and application seminars, in a detailed show of differentiation benefits providers, merchandise and solutions, though smaller spacing depth products application while in the Northwest Territories, an alternate display engineering having a wide array of compact pitch items inside the northwest region of Application of hope.

A range of large-screen display technologies is overtaken through the big difference in depth of analysis and forecasting. In networking, World-wide-web , below the intelligent, driven, while in the digital signal, and other non-video signal detection signal widespread usage, a smaller pitch LED show with its fine display, more realistic color, perfect seamless, less expensive, thinner and a lot easier to keep, a lot more environmentally pleasant and more longevity exceptional rewards, to improved meet the new generation of monitoring, directing, scheduling, display and also other applications, including vitality conservation, the ultimate impact of your display, thin and light, pace In response, the user degree maintenance, automated brightness adjustment, and so on. stringent prerequisites, as well as for remote, cross-platform, information storage & digital mining, application of new demands interaction & collaboration, visualization was below manage, as well as other Web trends. Smaller pitch LED display is becoming a new trend large-screen display, and gradually replace the LCD splicing(variable message sign), DLP rear projection mosaic wall and integration and also other traditional show products, quickly seize control room, TV studio, conference rooms, commercial TV machine, indoor outdoor advertising, digital signage and other markets.

For smaller pitch applications, we introduced the industry's first breakthrough, "low light high ash" technical threshold of a smaller pitch LED display series, can point easily spliced ??2K / 4K / 8K of your entire screen 16: 9 standard resolution small spacing LED show series, also as 100% of the support 16: 9 standard resolution specifications of LED luminous super independent television, along with the scene with the show. Among them, the former product Magnetic modulIf structure to support cell modules, wire hot-swappable, and U Vision LED significant display show Super TV size, excellent shade performance, can be modular and flexible stitching as well as other characteristics of your audience was greatly attention.

Currently, based on a small pitch LED(EN12966) show items to build a compact pitch applications remedies market place forces inside the northwest, police, government agencies, television stations, transportation and also other fields are model cases.

With rich experience in actual combat, as well as a detailed upgrade in terms of quality, engineering, service, and fine pitch LED application solutions will further accelerate the marketplace penetration and expansion in the northwest, and strive to seize the commanding heights from the industry!