How to Increase Your Chances of Quitting Smoking

Smoking is an very gripping addiction which only a small percentage of smokers are able to overcome for good. Even with the well-known health risks backed by extensive scientific research, it simply is not motivating enough to the average smoker. Time after time, many smokers find success and drop their habit for a short period of time, eventually succumbing to their addiction and continuing their harmful habit. When this occurs, the smoker is likely to become very discouraged and may sometimes wait weeks, months, possibly years to consider attempting to quit again.
From the second we start smoking menthol vape juice, our mind learns to associate the act with pleasure and stress relief. The unconscious connection that develops, buries itself deep within the mind of the smoker, and is what most significant factor that prevents the majority from being able to end their addiction and become smoke-free for the rest of their life.

You also can learn different habits to develop when the craving for a cigarette occurs. This can be more difficult to accomplish because the unconscious mind will still insist that having a cigarette is the best solution for your craving. As an example, instead of reaching for a cigarette, you should consider eating a long, thin vegetable such as a celery or a carrot. In doing so, you will be training your mind to not think about having a cigarette first fruity flavors. Another benefit of this technique is that a vegetable will satisfy the minds oral fixation that it associates with smoking.

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