How to Choose Dridesmaid Dresses in Different Colors for Your Bridesmaid

Every bride wants to make her wedding unique and special, the team of bridesmaid is one aspect she can have a change. With the thinking of being special and different in mind, many brides are breaking away from the tradition of having all of their bridesmaids dresses the same.
This practice can be popular, because there are several benefits. One is bridesmaid can buy a dress in a color that they like best. As we all know, everybody has a different skin tone and preference, so everyone can choose one color that best suits them and best liked by them. Two is the wedding party will look both live and energetic.  It will be really creative to have different colors and styles of bridesmaid gowns. Here are some parameters for you to set for your bridesmaids dress.
With the principles of allowing your bridesmaids to get their own preferred colors and styles, and at the same time making those bridesmaid dresses in different colors and styles combined well with the wedding, you can give your bridesmaid a few criteria to follow. For example, tell them you want just above the knee-length dresses. Or tell them all the red bridesmaid dresses are limited to halter neckline. By doing so, have everyone similar in style will show uniformity but still allow your bridesmaids to be unique.
How to select bridesmaid dresses colors
You can allow them to choose different shades of the same color. This will meet each one personal needs, and at the same time being in line with the wedding theme. If it is ok for your wedding color scheme, you can even let bridesmaid pick their own color which turn out to be totally different.
Tie it together with accessories. For example, let everyone wear the same color shoes, such as silver shoes. The well matched accessories will help your wedding party look different.
How to avoid any mistakes or trouble during shopping for cheap bridesmaid dresses
Firstly, talk with your bridesmaids about their dress selections. Secondly, ask them to send you pictures while they are shopping. Your bridesmaids are your trusted and close friends, and they do not get something which will not look good with the rest of the bridal party. As a result, you'd better let them know what your expectations are and pick out something unique for each of them.