Home LED lighting type retrieval for customers

Home lighting function can be divided five types according to coordinate the relationship from LED light supplier china by good lighting, space and goods between the demand which is set to create a warm visual and psychological experience, enhanced reliance on the home and belonging.


Basic lighting: the guarantor of basic activities while laying the main light color space, usually in the room height, and use reflected light and transmitted light, avoid direct eye see light, glare and facial shadows.

Mood lighting: To heighten the mood lighting in the form, usually a mix of light from different angles and positions, soft lighting, rich space level, candles, fireplaces and other low-intensity light source is very good atmosphere lighting. For this, I would like to choose the tube lights from T8 LED tube light suppliers.

Accent lighting: To focus position and lighting items, usually clear projection angle lighting, general illumination lighting to be higher than the surrounding base 2-3 times for emphasis.


Decorative lighting: lamps themselves highly decorative, or light color, shape form very decorative lighting, will form the focus of visual space. This is useful for the company as they would like to buy LED flexible light strip for the decorative effect.