A Simple introduction to Laurocapram Agrochemical Synergist

A new generation of strong infiltration GUI, Laurel fork said Zhuo ketone, nitrogen, is Beijing's State Development Center, research and development of a new penetration Enhancer now as a Laurocapram Agrochemical Synergist, got a good application in pesticide industry, demand to increase at a rate of 40% per year, showing strong market potential. Strong infiltration GUI ketamine mechanism of action is: to enhance the liquidity of the insect cuticle, stratum corneum lipid mass produced irregularly arranged, help ingredients penetrate the cuticle into the body until the target. At present, strong permeability Laurocapram Agrochemical Synergist has been successfully used in pesticide formulations of high permeability. High permeability liquid spray pesticide formulations, can quickly be absorbed by plants and insects, eggs and moths, pesticide ingredients effectively into the body plant and pest, efficacy improves dramatically. Under the same efficacy, higher permeability than the original pesticide active ingredients of pesticides fell 50%.Due to the strong permeable Laurocapram Agrochemical Synergist with significant penetration exhibition, emulsion compatibility and infiltration capacity, with a variety of mixed use of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, organic phosphorus, hydrogen carboxylic acid esters, pyrethroid, nicotine, etc. In pesticide formulations, adding 0. 5-2. 5%, the usual dosage is 1. 2%.Generally adjusted for appropriate pesticide active ingredients, but different varieties of pesticide optimum dosage should be determined by experiment. At present, China is making great efforts to promote the use of low toxicity pesticides, strong permeability GUI ketones is particularly prominent in the low toxic effect of pesticides. Have been registered with the Ministry of agriculture has a low concentration of oxide rogor, high permeability, resistance to monocrotophos Pam butter and so on. For control of helicoverpa armigera in field tests, high pesticide efficacy will be increased 3 times times and control effect of 90% and Bud results in around 88% in addition, strong permeability Laurocapram Agrochemical Synergist effects apart from the development and application in pesticide industry, and can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry a variety of topical cream, cream, cream, film, suppository, etc.


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