Raincan - Online grocery shopping | personal care products.

Raincan - Online grocery shopping | personal care products.

RainCan is a unique concept that provides a platform facilitating better buyer-seller interaction when it comes to refilling the regular stock of household goods. Gone are the days when the mere mention of monthly grocery shopping sent nervous jitters down your spine because the daunting processes associated to this task. You had to pick up the bag, walk down to the nearest and of course trustworthy grocer, careful shortlist the items that you need and accordingly fill your quota. This was not the end of it all. Going through the sheer options at the grocery store was a tough task because you had to battle the bevy of customers before you and make-do with whatever time that you had on the counter, when it came to seeing and analysing your options.

Experience the change

However, RainCan will change this nightmarish customer experience into a more pleasant and enjoyable task. Through its completely online portal, RainCan gives you a chance to pick up your favourite goods from the cosy confines of your home. Yes! You no longer need to battle the heat or rain, just to pick up your daily stock of groceries. What’s more is that checking out the varieties is also easy. All the options are displayed on the portal, you can just click what you need and analyse every product in a detailed manner. As far as using the site is concerned, the tabs are easy to navigate. In fact, when you compare this with the gruesome job of making your way through the tiny pathways of the supermarkets, you will find it to be more enjoyable. Simply, click, view and decide whether or not you want to make the purchase. Even when you are not buying the product, you simply have to chalk it off the list and not bother about placing it back from the rack you picked it.

Convenience at its best!

All this sounds so convenient, doesn't it? Well, this convenience is well within your reach, all you need is a stable broadband connection and simply log into www.raincan.com. The website has an extensive selection of goods so you can easily find the things that you need. Eliminating the need of middlemen, RainCan procures the goods directly and is therefore able to offer them to you at a wholesale rate. This also indicates a lot of savings in your grocery budget.

Delivery options

As of now RainCan’s service is available across several areas in Pune. Customers can also opt for one hour delivery option on select products. This will ensure that the RainCan team delivers the goods to your doorstep in one hours time. The transactions of the buyers are completely secure and even returning the products is easy. It is this comfort that makes the website a preferred choice for home-owners across the city.