Why is Egyptian cotton known as the "Platinum"?

Egyptian cotton, just as its name says, it is mainly produced in South Asia, like Egypt Country. Egyptian cotton is native to the subcontinent of South Asia and Egypt is the world's most important staple cotton export country.

Egyptian cotton is also known as the "Platinum" in fact. It has enjoyed a good and long reputation in the world. Why is Egyptian cotton known as the "Platinum"? Because it is really superior than other ordinary cotton and has many good properties.

Egyptian cotton also is called the Egyptian long staple cotton; its fiber is naturally white and full; its fiber is fine, thin and has good length; so that it is very suitable for spinning yarns to making clothes. In a word, it is white and slender, with good luster and so that it deserves the reputation --” the best Cotton material”. So it is favored by people all over the world, like yarn manufacturers, yarn supplier and customers.