My hobby - Forex trading (Exness Malaysia)

This is what I’m working on my spare time: Forex trading. your bit bored initially unless you understand the overall strategy. The Truth Is not sure the reason why I publish this particular on my website, but I think I should compose about our activity right?

Last week I have been looking regarding forex broker for testing use exclusively as I’m new in trading. I don’t really want to spend very much money. After checking some evaluation on local (Malaysia) web-site, the ‘yellow’ forex broker had gotten my attention, Exness. Sound familiar? Maybe some of you guys currently trade through there resources for long-time. But for me it’s really a beginning point.

Alright, I want to share the things I love on this forex broker.

1st one is actually their little spread. During normal trading session, the EURUSD spread can get as little 0.1 pips. Forgot to point out, they use floating spread. One particular experience about floating spread is do not trade during news hour. It can increasing as much as twenty pips in a some second.

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Some factor for my choosing is local deposit/withdrawal. Thankfully Exness need one system that is called Excard. It work same as top up card on your mobile phone. Buying Excard is easy. Only send your dollars to local IB, and you can get your Excard code immediately. Just enter the code on your account cabinet plus your deposit procedure is complete. Same goes to withdrawal, following create a request at account cabinet, local representative will pay funds to your bank account. This really is done instantly, depend on IB (representative) availability.

Trading on Exness is pleasing and in order to speak because the ultra-low spread. I normally trading on late night which was just after news event. So absolutely nothing could scared me to trade through that time. My trading strategy is scalping. Execution speed is matters to me personally. And Exness is acceptable in comparison with some other broker I have applied before. Plus it is a moderated by CySEC.

Until now, I do not got any difficulty with that company. Starting an account is straight forward. Simply with 1 email and one can easily create many account you need, plus demo account. By-the-way, upon Exness demo account registration must be done at the account cabinet. It cannot be sign up in the MetaTrader program directly like some other broker.

Talking concerning trading platform, I have discovered some tools on Exness which called Market Depth Level 2. I have no clue what it is actually. And yet I think this show what exactly is happening with order flow on broker part or liquidity provider. Leave it for the time being, conserve it for the future use up until I understand what it was designed for.

Okay if you want to discover more about Exness, just click on the link that we provide or just open for English writing.

Haha, sorry concerning my English. I know it sucks beacuse my main language is malay.

Well, that’s it for now. Will write something better next time.