What is Fuji 6DI15A-050 Darlington Power Transistor Module and it’s Applications?

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Don’t let your UPS just deteriorate; improve its performance with Fuji’s 6DI15A-050! Manufactured by a highly trusted company, 6DI15A-050 has outstanding features you will never see on those ordinary devices.


Belonging to the group of the best Darlington power transistor modules, 6DI15A-050 can generate power of 15A and 600V, making it more than enough to boost the strength of your UPS!


6DI15A-050 has high DC current gain to ensure that current rating won’t degenerate right away even on a high voltage. It is equipped with a fast recovery freewheeling diode to eliminate flybacks especially during the induction loading process.


With 6DI15A-050’s robust design, rest assured that it won’t easily wear off when you’re continuously using its full power. Guaranteed! It’s a worthy investment to power up your UPS!


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