How high are you, heaven?

So high my neck to crane!

As I gaze in deep yen

My eyes just glean

Never to see you now and again!


Who planted you so high i cant see?

What was He hiding from me?

Is it because am just a mare,

Living in this world a life so mere?

Oh,heaven, my dear

To me, you are so dear!


My heart with joy spasms leaps

But at the same time weeps

Only hope she keeps

That one day she'll kiss your lips.

Oh,heaven my dear

How lovely are your wipes!?


My eyes out of sockets pop

When in the church preaches the 'pope'

Drumming some kind in me of hope

That a time will surely crop

And like hoppers int you people hope!


How sweet it sounds to my ear

To leave this world with its minor care!

Slowly,with songs of jubilee to cheer

Having no dint of time to fear!


Heaven, to my nose you smell like pear

And my eyes won't stop to stare

Till Christ at His time appear

To take me up there.

Oh,heaven,my dear

You are my worry's panacea!