8 GB of ROM with an exterior port for an additional 32 GB

8 GB of ROM with an exterior port for an additional 32 GB (32 GB cards not included). It comes with the newest wireless and wireless technological innovation such as 4.0 meizu mx4 pro review LE technological innovation. Yes it comes with Search engines Discuss, conventional on all Android operating system phones
No there are not a lot of pre installed applications. It comes with 8 GB of ROM which is enough to add plenty of applications. It also an exterior port to add another 32 GB of storage space (microSD card) if preferred. It's a lovely cellphone.
Yep exactly. It's assured to perform on directly talk wireless or a refund.
The cellphone is assured to perform for talk and written text worldwide, although examine with your support provider support to prevent being billed additional.Many individuals use WhatsApp on a verykool cellphone to prevent any support provider expenses :) you'll really like it.both of them should perform no issue.If you have any issues verykool has an outstanding come back guarantee.
I really like this cellphone.There is something i do not comprehend.Why those opinions out there are done almost on the same date?It creates me believe that something is not right. Like i said, I do like this cellphone.