A Comprehensive Guide to Lync Unified Communications

A Comprehensive Guide to Lync Unified Communications

Looking at the fast paced life of 21st century it has become essential to have a communication tools that offers instant messaging solution to make the work easier. Moreover, the solution should be accessible anytime and from anywhere. Moreover, with more strict regulations, particularly in the realm of financial industry, it is obligatory to have a record of all telephone calls related to business.

Microsoft Lync 2010 for that matter has helped business unite their communication, ensuring that all calls are recorded to remain compliant. Microsoft Lync is a single platform that unites voice communications such as video, Lync instant messaging, audio, and web conferencing. 

What you don’t Know
Companies worldwide are harvesting the benefits of global Lync secure chat and presence solution and are spreading the desktop sharing, video, and audio conferencing capabilities to their global offices. Lync IM messaging has been proved successful in bringing global teams together. Remote working capabilities, along with enterprise voice trials, have earned the solution some brownie points making it the best integration tool for uniting communication. However to ensure compliancy it is important that both in-bound and out-bound are all automatically recorded. This is when a third party service provider can help you with.

How a third party company can help you
The partnership with a third party company providing voice recording for Microsoft Lync will help you save substantial amount of money otherwise spent on managing things individually. Two-way communication and conference calls made via Lync gets automatically recorded and stored in a secure archive, irrespective of whether the other party uses Lync. 

Choosing a Renowned Company
As the company, you higher is going to deal with your day to day business conversations that are highly confidential, it is important to choose a company that is a trustworthy name in the market and is known to provide comprehensive service support. Read testimonials posted on provider’s website. It will give you a fair idea about the credibility of the services of that particular company. 

Businesses worldwide are realizing the need of uniting various communications happening within the organization. A third party service provider can help you streamline your communications and keep record of such communications in order to remain complaint to various rules and guidelines from regulatory authorities.