Understand your general health triangle well and live a healthy life

General health triangle is a new term that has been popped up by some of the latest health pundits, who wants to make people aware about certain day-to-day things, which can make a hell lot of difference on your health. Precisely here we cover three things, first is your sleep cycle, second is your food habits and third is your exercise routines. If they are in tandem with each other, then in this case you can live a real healthy life and move ahead with the things very easily. Now here we tell you this method that how you can strike a chord with them, first thing is first, here you need to understand the concept of earning your food. According to this concept, you should try to do some physical activities so that you can justify your food that you are taking. 

Anything that you eats, have certain amount of calories in it. If you are not consuming those calories then the same calories deposits in the body in the form of fat and this is where your body weight starts increasing. This inappropriate food intake can give rise to a kind of mental unrest and here you may end up in a tizzy of sorts because two pillars of your heart triangle had already gone for a toss. 

This is why whenever your taste buds bother you about certain things then try to be a little calm and think calmly that how you are going to justify this food intake. Once you are justified with your food intake then you can move on to the next level and this level is the level where you need to keep a tab on your exercise routine. Broadly, there are three types of exercises; first set of exercises belongs to cardiovascular activities. Most of these exercises are aimed to increase the stamina of your body, 

Second set of exercise belongs to a different segment where a person goes for an exercise routine because he wants to get some toning done. This set of exercise also follows a diet pattern. If you are going for rigors exercise all the time and not adjusting your diet charts in accordance then in this case there are full chances that you might not get that desired result. 

Third types of exercises are general health exercises. These exercises make sure that you are stretching your body properly and doing a fair bit of justice to your diet chart as well. When you will make a command over these two areas of your health routine then you will be able to regulate the third string, which is attached to it. This third string is your sleep cycle. If you are master of first two things then its impact will automatically appear on your sleep cycle and this is how you will be able to practice a great control and make your general health a little better. So now this is up to you that how you can manage your general health well and get this wisdom in to the right use.