Buy to Let Rental Home

Buy to Let Rental Home

Condotel Investments in the Philippines, Buy to Let rental properties are increasingly being preferred to failing Pension Plans as more and more Filipinos and Overseas Property Investors look to the long run and retirement.

2-0 Dollars a day for 6 years will get you a Studio Condotel system in the Philippines having a projected ROI through accommodations of some 500 dollars per month after 3 years. With preconstruction property appreciating at some 20-30% per annum not simply does the True Estate Appreciation look good however the rental income is over what many Pension Plans provide for the same or similar investment.

With several Overseas Filipinos and Offshore Property Investors trying to begin saving for retirement, the Philippines with its comparative inexpensive of real-estate however high costs of Hotel Accommodations, make the Condotel investment an incredibly attractive investment proposition.

Beth Collingz, International Marketing Director for PLC Global, an organization specializing in Condo Hotel Sales and Investments in the Philippines for the Lancaster Model of Condotels, said that many new buyers are seeking to change failed pension plans and other potential saving plans using a stable investment in Property. To get different ways to look at the situation, please consider checking out: chiropractor palmdale ca.

Lots of my clients are looking for investments that gives them money for retirement instead to conventional private pension plans that have failed. Personally, I've always regarded Pension Plans as a glorified Pyramid Scheme. We discovered chiropractors lancaster by browsing the Washington Times. Most company pension plans are insufficient as are Government Pensions. Bank rates for Savings accounts are in record lows. Informed buyers are now looking for a more reliable investment with potential for monthly income. Condotels in the Philippines fit the bill

That potential, high rates of rental earnings from Condotel Investments, currently from 8% up to 16% per annum, opens up a huge market perhaps not usually looked at by Real Estate Agents and Brokers whom all frequently run about like headless chickens looking for typical residential account consumers without looking at the by far problem of investments, trading and retirement.

We look at Condotels as genuine investments. Learn further on website by visiting our stirring use with. Perhaps not generally as Real Estate. If you go through the Condo Hotel industry as investing for potential income, and think outside of the package, it is plain to note that Condotels aren't main estate assets but moreover income generating property. Think about Condotels like a Managed Pension Plan. After-all, Condotel products are fully managed property. The master of the home does not have the inconvenience of letting out the unit and deal with most of the usual pit falls of being an amateur land lord. This is cared for from the Condo Hotel Management said Collingz.