WELDOX - Matchless Properties

Properties of WELDOX:

WELDOX is known for its best and extra high strength structural steel in the market all over the world. The properties that this consists of are uniformity, tolerance to thickness, coarseness and low inner stress.

WELDOX is a new generation steel which is required or used to make machining easy most of the time. Irrespective of its toughness and coarseness quality, it can be bended, welded or cut just as the ordinary steel.

If we use WELDOX, lesser amount of steel will be used for yielding same design of equal strength. This will reduce the material cost (both for base materials and for consumables), machinery cost, labour cost and manufacturing cost and will save welding time giving improved product.

WELDOX can be welded or cut using cold cutting processes and all thermal methods for example – oxy fuel cutting, plasma cutting and laser cutting.

Different grades of WELDOX:

WELDOX 1100 and WELDOX 960 are known weight savers and cost cutters from among the other available grades.

WELDOX 960 is used in the load bearing products such as telescopic boom, turntable, vehicle chassis frame and outriggers. WELDOX 960 reduces the deadweight and increases the payload. The properties that WELDOX 960 possess are good bendability, flatness and surface finish. The thickness of the pipe used in hydroelectric power stations can be minimized by using WELDOX 960. WELDOX 960 is obtainable in the thickness of 4-100 mm, width up to 3350 mm, and length up to 14630 mm with minimum yield of 850 – 960 MPa respective of the thickness.

WELDOX 1100 being light and tough is used for the equipment that is exposed to heftiest masses. Every transport manufacturing company wants to use the best quality steel that stay within the legal limits of road transportations and also which is environment friendly. WELDOX 1100 has the ability to be tempered from 900 degree Celsius to room temperature quickly by spraying water on it, in order to improve the hardness and elasticity by reheating and then cooling it. In order to reduce the content of alloy element, this quenching method is being performed.

WELDOX 1100 is widely used in the manufacturing of the cranes, vehicles, turbines and many more such products since more than five years.

Benefits and Usage of WELDOX

These properties also lead to economic success as the thickness of the sheet is reduced considerably while the strength and design remain same. Using WELDOX in making the structure of cranes and vehicles reduces transport distances, saves energy costs and improve the load capacity.

WELDOX also provides many environmental profits like reducing the use of raw materials and lowering the environmental impact in the production of the equipment without losing the high standard of quality.

Precautionary Measures

A good advice should be considered on the welding process of the WELDOX in order to maintain its usable properties. All the precautionary measures should be taken on all the aspects of welding the WELDOX such as heating aspects and inputs, consumables, and gas etc. otherwise there will be greater chance to lose the unique properties of WELDOX.