Guide to the herbal stamp massage

Guide to the herbal stamp massage

Soothing relaxation simply explained


A skilful massage offers soothing relaxation and switch off from the stress of everyday life. The herbal stamp massage is a special form of massage with herbs and other harmonizing (plant) materials in a small cotton bag to a kind of stamp tied together which will be used then to a special massage. With the herb various massage techniques on the skin are carried out, such as tapping, gentle pressing, circles, or painting. The combination of the heat, the massage oil and the herbal ingredients well being, relaxation and care is pure - for body and soul.


The herbal stamp massage can be performed such as separately as back - or facial or full body massage.


Herbal stamp massage, a rising trend


In many massage practices and institutions of the wellness industry, demand is increasing for the pleasant herbal stamp massage. Therefore it is for operators of a spa operation, to take this form of massage in their program.


While the herbal stamp massage is suitable also for the at home market, it is best for a trained massage therapist to perform as their specialized knowledge and training are invaluable.


The massage can be learned


With a training DVD, those interested in the possibility of this massage technique get easy to learn step by step. So, everybody can learn massage technique - whether in the private or commercial sector. A well structured DVD with precise instructions to the massage, including preparation and follow-up for the own production and warming the herbal stamp with many close-ups of massage techniques and a booklet with many important additional information, tips and checklists provide a particularly fast and extensive learning success.


Conclusion: The herbal stamp massage is becoming increasingly popular. A training DVD is a great way to learn this massage technique at your own pace.