Where is the Best Place to Live Off-Grid?


Many people have asked me where is the best place to locate an off-grid homestead. There is no easy answer to that question as it depends on you and what you want. However, having said that, I have my preferences. For example, I would not want to go off-grid in the desert. There ARE people who do it and God bless them, but it seems to me that the lack of water and isolation would really put you in a precarious situation. Water is THE most important asset when living independently and off grid. Without water you will not be able to survive for very long at all. The life that people live off-grid, in the desert, is not for me. So that cuts out a good deal of the southwest. Furthermore, the isolation that the desert has can be a problem. If the SHTF and we have a total breakdown of our society how long do you think you could survive with NO outside contact? For this reason Alaska and Hawaii might not be the best choices either.


Another consideration is expense. A property can be the most perfect property in the world but if it is too much money what good is it? If you are Ted Turner, I doubt you are reading this article! So the cost has to be right.

If your goal is to go off-grid then your goal is to be independent. One cannot be independent if one has debt. Therefore, the cost has to be something you can afford without going into debt. If you must go into debt then it should be at a bare minimum with the intention of paying off the debt as soon as possible.