Follow these practices to make sure to tear down "Toxic Load.

I have been gaining knowledge a lot about the term "toxic load", allowing me to learn both great information and very alarming information! Well then what exactly is "toxic load?" There is no word in the dictionary that defines "toxic load" so Ilooked uptoxic and load and this is what Merriam-Webster has to say about the two words. Firstly the meaning of toxic is "containing or beingdangerousmaterial , particularlily when capable of causing death or serious debilitation."

The explanation for load is "the quantity that can be carried at one time by a specified means." So it would seem that "toxic load" is the amount of dangerous material which our bodies can carry at one time. Now we get to the alarming part! In order to assure ahealthy way of life, we need to learn what we can do to minimize the "toxic load" that we digestinto our body through pollutants in the environment and pollutants that we use which expose our bodies to too much "toxic load."

The best step is to increase our toxin recognition level by learning to determine the hidden sources of toxins in food, common everyday household products, skin care products and our surroundings. Read labels closely beforepurchasing any consumer goods and, when in doubt, take the most cautious option.

Here are a fewhelpful hintsto begin reducing your "toxic load."

~ Remove your shoes before entering your home, you would be amazed how many toxins you can bring into your home with your shoes.

~ Eat organic. Non-organic foods expose you to pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones,man-made flavors and sweeteners.

~Switch to green cleaning products. Replace bleach with vinegar and "scrubbing foams" with baking soda, use hydrogen peroxide to eliminate stains.

~ Hydrate well withpurifiedwater. Water helps to dilute and flush out toxins.

~Enhancethe quality of your air.Invest in an air purifier and houseplants. One houseplant can clear up to 100sqft. Peace lilies, pot mums and snake plants offer the widest range of toxin elimination.

~ Try to avoid fish that are high in mercury. Swordfish, shark, marlin, sea perch and catfish are some examples.

~ Try to use glassinsteadof plastic for cooking and storage.

~ Toxins can enter through your skin.Select organic, natural beauty and cosmetic products.

Take possession of your "toxic load" by engaging in"green" living everyday. Be sure to always read articles, read labels, also pay attention to detail and livenaturally!

Why is it important to minimize your toxic load?