Eucalyptus Essential Oil - Why Is It a Must-Have?

Eucalyptus trees were once very common only in Australia, but now, it can be found anywhere in the world. Aside from the fact that eucalyptus tree is well known for being quality hard wood, it is popular also because it has important medical properties that is beneficial to us. The healing properties of this tree can be found in the eucalyptus oil.

The oval shaped leaves of a eucalyptus tree are extracted to produce eucalyptus essential oil. First, the leaves are dried, and then crushed. After this, they are distilled so the essential oil could be released. Before this oil can be used as medicine, it has to be diluted first.

Here are the many ways eucalyptus oil is beneficial for you:

1. To relieve cough

For over a hundred years already, one of the most common purposes of eucalyptus is the use of eucalyptus essential oil for cough relief. As a proof to this, almost all cough medicines have eucalyptus oil as their main ingredient. One way of using this is by rubbing a couple of drops of the oil onto your chest and throat. In just a couple of minutes, you will be able to experience the relief it brings.

2. To cough up mucus

Aside from soothing your coughing, this oil will also clear your chest off mucus. Inhalation is another method of using eucalyptus essential oil. An essential oil diffuser will do the trick for you, or you can simply add some drops into hot water to have the steam you need.

3. To repel bugs and mosquitoes

Biting insects like mosquitoes are very dangerous because they carry different kinds of diseases. Thus, you should avoid getting bitten by a mosquito. One way you can do this is by applying bug or mosquito repellent on your skin. Eucalyptus essential oil comes with a scent that causes bugs to go away.

4. To disinfect wounds

Another very popular use of eucalyptus essential oil is to prevent wound infection and to treat wounds. The diluted oil from eucalyptus is very popular today for its ability to protect the skin from inflammation. There are lots of ointments and creams in the market also that contain eucalyptus oil.

5. For asthma relief

Asthma, sinusitis, and other respiratory conditions can be relieved by inhaling steam with eucalyptus oil. When the steam reaches the nasal passage, it reacts with the mucus membranes. What happens is that it reduces mucus and loosens it so that it will be easier to cough it out.

Choosing Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Needless to say, it is necessary that you always have eucalyptus essential oil. But you need to make sure that you purchase the real essential oil from eucalyptus for you to enjoy its benefits. For the best quality essential oils, check out Juju Aroma.