FM600TU-07A - High Power Mosfet Module from Powerex

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FM600TU-07A is the transistor module that you need to enhance the performance of your mighty forklifts. As one of the finest MOSFET modules of Powerex, FM600TU-07A can generate up to 300A and 75V of power with only a weight of 2.25 lbs.!


FM600TU-07A has the ability to handle higher voltage projects. With an outstanding switching frequency reaching up to 20 kHz, powering up forklifts can be done with ease! This high power MOSFET module contains 6 elements in a pack, boosting the efficiency rate.


FM600TU-07A has its own superfast recovery freewheel diode to totally get rid of flybacks during induction loading. With a thermistor equipped, this excellent transistor module now has its own resistance that significantly varies with the temperature.


FM600TU-07A has other state-of-the-art features like parallel legs and positive locking connectors to guarantee that your forklifts would attain optimum performance for a long time! UL recognized, it also guarantees safety and security upon usage.