Top Natural Remedies For Worms To Detoxify Body And Make Clean

The problem of intestinal worms is faced by lots of people around the world. Worms are parasites in the gastrointestinal tract. They are primarily on the intestinal wall and affect people's health. Causes include eating raw and undercooked meat. The effects of worms include constant feelings of hunger, restless sleep, itching around the rectum, anemia, weakness, weight loss, frequent headaches, fever, nausea, pain in the legs and nutritional disorders. There are many simple home remedies to solve the problem of worms. These home remedies for worms are perfect and do not have any adverse effects on the body.

It is also helpful to grind papaya seeds into powder form. This should be mixed with two teaspoons of this powder with one cup of warm milk or water. This should be consumed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for three days as natural remedies.

It is also healthy to make smoothie by grinding papaya seeds taken from an average-sized papaya, with one tablespoon of coconut oil, one cup of coconut milk and chunks of papaya fruit (turning green to yellow), and blending again. This should be consumed at least for one week as natural remedies for worms.

It is suggested to add two tablespoons of peeled and crushed pumpkin seeds to three cups of boiling water. Let it steep for 30 minutes and then drink it. It is also effective to add juice of boiled dry prunes to help cleanse the intestines as natural remedies.

It is ideal to eat one tablespoon of roasted and crushed pumpkin seeds with an equal amount of honey with banana as natural remedies for intestinal worms.

Natural remedies for intestinal worms are carom seeds that can be used to treat intestinal worms. The thymol content in carom seeds has the ability to stop the growth of undesired parasites in the intestine.

Natural remedies for worms are small piece or about one tablespoon of jaggery in the morning on an empty stomach. Then eat one-quarter to one-half teaspoon of crushed carom seeds along with a glass of water should be consumed for the best results.

It is ideal to use pomegranate tree bark as natural remedies for worms. The bark, root, stems as well as the leaves of the pomegranate tree contain anthelmintic properties which is effective. It has alkaloid punicine that is toxic for the worms.

It is effective to eat a purgative fruit like banana or avocado to facilitate a bowel movement. This is natural remedies for intestinal worms. It should be taken in dosage for positive results.


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