Telematics in Construction

Technology continues to evolve and the latest innovations are changing the way construction and equipment managers work. Job sites are more connected than ever, and advances in telematics provide real-time data on equipment usage and location.


Since this field is evolving, construction companies like Axis Capital Group have adapted telematics in machines while partnering with manufacturing companies which have factory-installed telematics system. This trend is now in demand in developing cities in Asia such as Singapore, Jakarta, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


As a result, most equipment owners are aware by now that many of their machines have telematics system, which collects all manner of data from sensors placed throughout the machine and wirelessly transmits these facts—along with satellite-based location information—to the machine manufacturer’s telematics website. There, owners can view the data, run reports that detail their machines’ whereabouts, operating status, and health, plus set up “fences” that limit a machine’s operation to specific times and geographical areas.


A few fleet owners and equipment dealers—early adopters of the technology, mostly—have not only learned the value of telematics for monitoring machine health and status, but also have learned to integrate telematics data into their business systems and to use this information across various disciplines. But there are still practical ways where you can use these systems.