Meet Cortana – the assistant with a personal touch

Meet Cortana – the assistant with a personal touch. She’ll learn about your specific interests and the things you care about the most, make recommendations andmeizu m1 anticipate your needs. From warning you about impending road conditions to reminding you to pick up flowers for a loved one’s engagement, she’ll keep you close to the people that matter most.Its great for the price definitely better than paying 400-600 for a Galaxy.This does pretty much the same thing. Got it fast and works great!
It will over heat easy! Has great color!This phone is really awesome...u will not face any problem related to battery and performance.Only problem is with primary camera.Image gets blurred after taking picture,while taking picture,it will not be blur.
If you have any solution,please suggest me.Apart form this,it is worth buying !!!Built with an advanced quad core processor, the Lumia 635 moves at blazing fast speeds for a superior experience at an affordable price.A beautiful, 4.5-inch display is easy to read, easy to love.