Not also owe "old Lai" within the financial institution LED display

Not long ago, the ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Financial institution as well as a dozen bank door head LED display (variable message sign) in scrolling "Municipal Intermediate People's Court announced the dishonest debtor list" around the electronic display Enterprise Chamber, which will take ten weren't also owe "old Lai" pictures, names and also other information and facts thoroughly rendered. From 2013 to date, the city has 726 this kind of "old Lai" continues to be incorporated during the checklist of the Supreme dishonest debtor details database.


October 1, 2013, "Regulations within the Supreme Court released a listing of facts of the debtor promises" promulgated, the City Court had time for you to perform the primary deployment. Early 2014, the Central Committee of civilization, the Supreme Court, eight ministries jointly issued the "" Developing integrity and discipline dishonesty "Memorandum of Cooperation", the hospital accordingly established credit discipline "blacklist" method, rolling broadcast day by day within the Huaihe River Culture Square dishonest debtor photographs, identity, not the amount of debt together with other details to fulfill promises.(led traffic sign)


Meanwhile, the City Court Liaison Committee Propaganda Division, Municipal Civilization Workplace and also other 21 members signed the "Bengbu" Constructing integrity disciplinary dishonesty "," Memorandum of Cooperation, and actively increase the channels announced, via newspapers, radio, television and also other online media broadly Publish dishonesty debtor details. With each other kind a wave of "face" offensive, effectively squeezing the dishonest debtor living room.


This yr, the Supreme Executive has carried out anti-circumvention, anti-passive execution and implementation of your specific anti-intervention actions, demands strict punishment refused to carry out criminal acts. City Court analyzed the qualities of your current stay clear of execution, summed up the credit discipline "blacklist" process implementation working experience, by means of exactly the same city Branch Banking, money institutions hold silver as matchmaking do the job, using bank branches and many people today movement characteristics, by LED (EN12966) and LCD display on a regular basis published its listing of dishonest debtor data, to more increase the scope of information and facts push and audience.


Financial institution shops exposure "old Lai" has aroused public awareness and fully acknowledged, "no faith" outdated Lai "should be made public in order that the people supervision, to ensure that they're able to not hide, unable to move during the community."


As of April this 12 months, a total of 726 meets the statutory prerequisites from the debtor checklist integrated the Supreme dishonest debtor information database(vms trailer).