27 Important Photographs in a Wedding


Are you prepared for the wedding event you will cover? Well, if this is your 1st time, we would suggest that you prepare a list of the very important shots that you should take. You wouldn't want your customers to get disappointed with your services, right?


Wedding professional photographers, both amateurs and professionals, should plan what shots to take in the wedding. The wedding photographer can even drop by and see the wedding reception before the wedding so he/she can strategize where to position himself and where to point his camera over the wedding.


To help beginner photographers prepare for a wedding, we have gathered here the most important shots that wedding photographers like you should take during the wedding.


•    The engagement rings
•    The wedding invitation
•    The wedding dress
•    The bride and bridesmaid preparing for the wedding
•    Mother of bride helping the bride get dressed
•    Groom donning his suit
•    Couple’s first glance before the wedding ceremony
•    The bride with parents
•    The bride with bridal entourage
•    Bride with her soon-to-be in-laws
•    The groom with his parents
•    Groom with groomsmen
•    The bridal car
•    Indoor and outside shots of the place
•    The groom walking down the aisle with mother
•    The entourage walking down the aisle
•    Bride walking down the aisle
•    Various shots during the wedding ceremony
•    Group shots with families and friends
•    The very first kiss as husband and wife
•    Newlywed couple going to the reception
•    Couple stepping into the wedding celebration venue
•    The wedding cake
•    The first toast
•    The bride grooving with her father
•    Different shots during the wedding party
•    The couple leaving the venue
Depending on the wedding location and the flow of the wedding ceremony, you can add more important shots in your list. Don’t forget to capture the fun and funny moments during the wedding.  Your wedding photos should tell a beautiful, compelling story of two people who vowed to be together forever.