Going From-the Touch Collar To-the Soft-Collar

Expensive Adam:

My pet is a 8 month-old male Labrador.

I have read your 'Secrets of the Professional Dog Trainer.' I've also just completed 8 private lessons with an instructor using the touch collar. My issue is: With all the pinch collar about the lab works well; put a soft collar he'll not work the same; if fact, he'll not even get in a down often. And so I didn't actually educate this dog anything; only he feared a correc...

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Beloved Adam:

My pet can be a 8 month-old male Labrador.

I have read your 'Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer.' I've also just completed 8 private lessons with a trainer using the pinch collar. My problem is: Together with the crunch collar around the research works well; set a soft collar he will not perform the same; if fact, he'll not even go in a down sometimes. And so I did not really educate this dog anything; only that he feared a correction using a 'touch.' What is your views, and I'm sure you've got them.

First, there ought to be NO FEAR associated with the touch collar. I'm assuming that you've misunderstood a few of the basic concepts or you just described it peculiarly inside your e-mail.

For your question, here's what you're missing: CONDITIONING YOUR PET TO THE BEHAVIOR. Up to now, all you need done is taught your dog to-understand the behavior. Dig up additional information on this partner URL - Visit this web page: fifty shades of grey pleasure collection. However you have not turned the behavior into a CONDITIONED RESPONSE. That is why - in my own book - I encourage you to give the COMMAND-CORRECTION-PRAISE (implementing the behavior each time the command is given by you for the first month or two. ESPECIALLY if the dog is less-than a year old. Navigating To advertisers possibly provides lessons you can use with your uncle.

DON'T Change FOR THE SOFT COLLAR AHEAD OF THE DOG IS CONDITIONED. You'll be undoing your progress and teaching your dog to be collar wise. (Please review the area in the book about perhaps not teaching your puppy to become collar wise).

P.S. I thought your book was really great and have toyed with the idea of putting still another $100 bucks for the movies. I do nevertheless disagree with your view on dog parks. I enjoy using my pet to the dog park and h-e loves going. Its a good way in the evening to see them collapse for the night and get all the extra energy out. It does not appear to have such a thing regarding socialization, its just plain fun for them.


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