Hazards of obesity in children

Hazards of obesity in children

According to reports, Australia, a mother gave birth to a giant baby on the 4th, and this giant baby's weight even up to 40 pounds (18.16 kilograms). His weight is equivalent to the 6-year-old child's body weight, He also broke the 1839 world record for the heaviest baby. Australia King Edward Memorial hospital staff said that it has shocked, Never seen such a huge aircraft carrier like a baby. Why is he so huge? He had with his mother, since the weight of his mother actually weighed 600 pounds (about 272 kilograms), Really interactive advertisement, Maria no thin Son.

What is obesity in children

Medical weight exceeds the standard weight of the average length calculated according to 20% of children, known as pediatric obesity. More than 20% to 29% were mildly obese, more than 30% to 49% of moderately obese, more than 50% of severe obesity. Among them, the obesity divided into two categories, those who said no obvious cause simple obesity,air max the majority of children fall into this category; There are obvious cause are called secondary obesity, often caused by endocrine and metabolic disorders, brain diseases. Research shows that children with obesity and coronary heart disease, hypertension and diabetes are closely related. Therefore, it is necessary to obesity in children simply born early intervention. Now the main narrative simple obesity.

So, what gives children with children's obesity in the end it? Here's a look at.

Childhood obesity Eight harm

Obesity is not only a "middle of the road", child obesity has gradually become a force groups. "Chubby pier" Although cute, air max 90 but for the adult obesity and chronic diseases lay hidden. For example: an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and other diseases. So childhood obesity What harm?

1. Lipids in obese children was significantly higher than that of normal children, and dyslipidemia risk factors of atherosclerosis.

2. Easy to induce fatty liver in obese children, Severe fatty liver disease in obese children up to 80%,Childhood obesity is an important risk factor in inducing fatty liver, High blood pressure,air max schweiz high cholesterol is a dangerous signal of fatty liver in obese children.

3. Immune function in obese children is low, especially in cell activity was significantly reduced, and therefore susceptible to infectious diseases.

4. Obese children susceptible to respiratory diseases, Chest fat accumulation in obese children, oppression thoracic expansion is limited, reduced compliance, the diaphragm movement is limited, the impact of pulmonary function, respiratory tract lowered immunity, susceptible to respiratory diseases.

5. Child obesity prevalence of hyperinsulinemia, The need to maintain glucose metabolism, long forced to secrete large amounts of insulin, leading to insulin secretion failure,air max thea causing diabetes.

6. Total IQ lower than healthy children of obese children, Its activities, learning, low interpersonal skills, over time there will be depression, low self-esteem, children of interpersonal sensitivity, introverted, low social adaptability, affect children's mental health.

7. Obesity precocious puberty, Blood testosterone levels in obese children male and female serum dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate were significantly higher than normal children, Increased body fat can cause an increase in the secretion of adrenal hormones, Hypothalamic sensitivity to circulating sex hormone reduce the threshold, precocious puberty. Can cause early sexual development of consciousness, will produce early sexual confusion, fear, anxiety and other negative mental state, affect children's learning and life.

8. The prevalence of obese children susceptible to digestive disorders digestive system diseases in obese children was 15%, significantly higher than the normal children (4%).