Facebook is moving forward with the buttons Reactions

After several months of testing, Aside from the basic facebook posting that you can do, Facebook is moving forward with the buttons "Feedback". These buttons provide additional choices like button.

To use them, from a mobile device, simply hold the Like button pressed. From the web, you can see the reactions when you move your mouse over the like button. These buttons are present on the personal and professional profiles of Facebook Pages.

Facebook bouton je n'ime pas
Why add additional buttons like button? Emoji reactions allow to better define his mood or his mood when someone posts a status update which mention I like is not necessarily appropriate. Specifically, in addition to the like button, users have access to five emoji buttons; Love / Love, Haha / Haha, Wow / Wow, Sad / Sad and Angry / Grrr.

This news will certainly rejoice more. You find that Facebook was slow to incorporate alternatives to the like button? No doubt, but we must not forget that this button is part of the DNA of the company. This change is still important. I guess he has created some lively discussions among Facebook