Whatever color you order, the case is two pieces

Decent case. Ordered a few of these since I bought 3 of the same phone for family members and myself. Kind of a pain to put the back cover on and the "shock absorption" part kind of had me skeptical because the the rubbery part is actually thinner than I thought it would be. I ended up dropping my phone a few feet off the table and feared that my screen had cracked. Luckily, it wasn't cracked. Satisfied with it so far. No complaints else where for me or my family members. 4/5 stars.

The Jelly series has AMAZING quality compared to the HY. I got a Jelly Frosted and black. You have access to all ports, solid structure, and those front facing speakers look GREAT.

Jelly Frosted allows you to see the rear branding, so you can proudly show your device.

The black is a high gloss black, it looks phenomenal.

The seller has great customer service, fast shipping, and if you need to contact them they're very prompt and courteous.

Hybrid Series-
The fit is okay. The rubbery top and bottom are a bit flimsy. The hard plastic center makes it tight on the side so it won't come loose tho. It's also a soft inside on the hard plastic so you have good cushioning for the phone.

It comes in two pieces, even tho it seems like one whole case, hence the hybrid. The rubbery insert is wrapped by the hard plastic piece in the center. The rubber parts do attract a bit of lint.

I think the case offers good protection overall.

The seller, Lightning Knight, contacted me and informed me my review would help them improve their product. A+ customer service.

I wish material were a little better. Hard plastic would be better if it would offer better grip at the sides. It was pain to put it on, but great thing you don't need to struggle with it very often. The thing that disappointed me a lot is that it is not a snug fit at the top and bottom. Seller offers pictures with the snug fit, but it us not the case with mine. I can see silver lines on both top and bottom of the phone. These are the parts I want to protect the most as they get scratched easily. In fact it is flimsy at top and especially the bottom as I can see light coming through the hole for the MicroUSB port (see pictures). Otherwise great concept! I will consider return.OPPO Find 5

Seller was very quick, no issues at all. Looks nice BUT: Whatever color you order, the case is two pieces, a thin black rubber full sleeve and a hard plastic back and sides. Putting it on CORRECTLY takes a lot of patience. It's almost impossible to first put on the black sleeve then the back because the colored part's so rigid it appears you'll break the phones buttons attempting. And while it doesn't seem difficult to slide the Idol into the assembled case what happens is the first side slides in perfectly but the second side of the phone deceptively isn't perfectly seated in the case because the black rubber part folds underneath the phone as you push it home, leaving the Idol able to pop out. Took many attempts to get it right. So difficult I would never take it out unless it was for the last time. Once in, it's secure, but the colored section, which appears matte in the pictures, is sort of slippery, enough so that if you try to lean the phone sideways in landscape mode on a table to watch a video it just slides down. The back, which APPEARS to be black dotted, grippy rubber, is actually hard plastic also, and not very comfortable. Not my favorite case for sure.