The development trend for functional fibers

With the increasing pressure on life and work, more and more people are going to join in outdoor sports, which brings some development hints for China fiber supplier so as to manufacture the products which can meet the market demand.


The production and sales for functional fabrics have been expanded in recent years. At the same time, the application of functional fabrics reflects the pursuit of comfort and convenient life, which increase its added value. Comfortable, regeneration, environmental protection, anti-bacterial, negative ions and other functional fiber products are more welcomed on the current market, among which the antimicrobial fibers have been widely used in textile products, health care apparel, outdoor sporting goods and other fields. The development of functional fibers is based on the raw materials, presenting combination of traditional and modern, national and global, natural and synthetic.


Regardless of the material, color and texture, the design is to show the harmony and balance between the nature and technology, which can meet people’s demand in terms of comfort, beauty and fashion. In fact, high quality cool jade fiber can be one of the alternatives in order to produce functional fibers.