Second rule of Gravitonian Physics - National Alternative Energy

The second rule of Gravitonian Physics is simple. The universe needs world sheets and those are easy to recognize by the simple fact that if you travel through space you will remain in the same direction like as if you were traveling on a sheet. Space is flat and exists as world sheets that are very numerous such that we can travel in seemingly any direction with the assurance that a world sheet will be there to keep us in a straight line.

Not so true for very small things like massless particles or even molecules for that matter. Which give us a new interpretation on the DeBroglie wave function. But that is not really what the second rule is about.

Second Rule of Gravitonian Physics:

World sheets are constructed with four gravitons that group together the form a fractal dimension of about 1.7. Meaning that gravitons must use a holy surface to travel on to remain on the same world sheet. This holy surface is in fact call a world sheet. In order to prevent super-symmetry and allow for an isotropic universe the four must come together as an off centered structure.

This new way to look at the world sheet gives rise to the leptons of our universe and interpretative meaning to many fundamental questions in cosmology.