Sensual Fetishes vs. Kinks: They’re Not the Same

Once a man is in a relationship in which his kinks or fetishes can be realized, he may experience a spike in sensual activity. There is very little to complain about there, but a man may notice that his rod is often sore from the frictions involved with lovemaking, and possibly from fulfilling his kink or fetish if an element of roughness is involved. It’s important for men to keep their tools in peak condition so they are ready for action when the opportunity presents. Using a quality male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is a good option for guys who could use some extra moisture in the region. This product contains Shea butter and vitamin E, which both work to hydrate the skin in different ways. Tag team chafing, dryness and soreness with a top-notch skin care product.