The phone is fast, snappy and very smooth when it comes to handling multi-tasking and such

The phone is fast, snappy and very smooth when it comes to handling multi-tasking and such. The front camera has pretty decent, warm-colored, clear quality. The back camera is not the best i've used, yet not terrible either. Clear enough but not impressive. You get the idea...OPPO Find 5 The call quality is great. Coming from a Nexus 4 user, the call quality is much better than my old phone. When I'm on speaker, the person on the other end don't even realize it. The quality is very clear with very minimal of background noises. The phone is 16gb as promised and NOT pre-loaded with bunch of useless apps that you'll end up deleting. The first day of using the phone I was very happy about it. Until I found one major problem about it, it has no mobile internet.
I tried turning the mobile data button on and off several times, tried rebooting the phone numerous times. There's still NO mobile data. I went on internet and read several forum where people are discussing the same problems. It turned out I don't have the proper APN (Access Point Name) for this phone. My current carrier is T-mobile. I bought a factory unlocked one version so that it could work everywhere in the world but when I came to my country, Argentina, it didn't work as it is locked and only in places with wi fi access this cel phone can be used. I have already contacted the seller so as soon as I get a response I'll let you know what happened.
I ordered what was supposed to be the "Factory Unlocked" version but I got an AT&T branded phone, which had AT&T apps installed. The box was opened before and sealed again. the sim remover was missing.To my shock I found out that the mic is not working, if I called someone, I could hear them, but they could not hear me.Going to return this crap. I received the phone box in shrink wrap.The phone was in mint condition.The charger and cable do have Motorola logo on them but they're black, as opposed to white shown in the picture.  It didn't come with its own sim card ejection tool either so you gotta find yourself a needle.Another weird thing was, when I turn on the phone, it didn't prompt me through the whole "setting up" process.
It simply went to the home screen, as if someone already set it up before me. Back then I didn't think it was that big of a deal, yet turned out it was.Before I get into it, just want to first say that, there's pretty much nothing about the phone that I dislike.