Coaxial Cable is refers to the two concentric conductor

Coaxial Cable is refers to the two concentric conductor, the conductor and shield and share the same axis of Cable.It is widely used in computer network and a wire.Due to its insulating material, outside the main package on the outside of the insulation material and a layer of shielding mesh wire mesh weaving, so can very good block electromagnetic interference of the outside world, improve the quality of communication. With coaxial cable has the advantage of can in a relatively long WuZhongJi device support high bandwidth communication on line, and its shortcomings are obvious: one is a large volume, the diameter of the fine line is 3/8 of an inch thick, take a lot of space cable pipe;2 it is unable to bear tangles, pressure and severe bending, which will damage the cable structure, prevent signal transmission;Finally is high cost, and it is twisted pair can overcome all the shortcomings, so in the current domain network environment, has been based on twisted-pair Ethernet physical layer specification is replaced.