I am never going back to a Health Center..

Immunizations are a bit expensive so we as parents look for alternatives. Wherein we can spend less just to protect our kids, so some of us visits Health Centers cause it's cheaper and some is free since we're trying to stay in a budget. But after what I've experienced? I am never going back to a Health Center, Yes! it may sound rude but .... this is a shout out to some or maybe all (public)Health Center.The difference between a private and public medical area can be seen anywhere. I'm a nurse. I had experience working in both public hospitals, private hospitals, being assigned in a Rural Health Centers. In my years of service I've never treated a patient the way a Nurse (maybe) treated me today.

Scenario: 3 people wearing white inside a Health Center. Two women I guess currently in their 40's and  up. Nanunuod sila ng tv and all their things are packed up ready to log out from work . I understand that old people get that grumpy face even before you go to them and asked them . This time? It's different.. I saw what posted on the door . WEDNESDAY - IMMUNIZATION (Bakuna) (without a time til when). I walked into a Health center around 3:35pm. I asked "Anong oras po kayo mag-sasara kasi papabakunahan ko anak ko?"  She answered " Ay naku hapon na papabakunahan niyo pa lang anak niyo?Umaga bakunahan dito(sarcastic voice) So I answered her " Pasensya na po kasi may trabaho ako pag-umaga at kakauwi ko pa lang.Mag kano po ba ang 6 in 1 shot sainyo" (in a very discreet voice) She answered (medyo naiinis) " Naku sa private na lang kayo kasi iba yung 6 in 1 namin dito. " I answered back (holding my patience) "ah Okay,pero magkano naman po yung 6 in 1 niyo?" she repeatedly answered back " Sa private na lang kayo kasi iba 6 in 1 dito" (dahil nainis na ko) umalis na lang ako at nagsabing "OKAY THANK YOU!"

i was just asking what time are you gonna be closing and how much for 6 in 1 shot, but it was never answered. If you're giving immunization with specific time please include it on your post ( sa pinto niyo). There was nothing on your post that says IMMUNIZATION MORNING ONLY, it only says IMMUNIZATION WEDNESDAY.Anong oras po ba kayo umuuwi?  I don't  know what time you people are gonna be logging out from your office but at least let the patient know you're willing to answer their question..hindi yun mararamdaman ng pasyente na parang tinataboy niyo na sya kasi pauwi na kayo. You could've answered nicely kahit papanu sinagot niyo naman sana yung tanong sainyo. Lahat naman tayo pagod sa trabaho, lahat nag-mamadali makauwi but if you're still in your post..... Please treat your patient with care and with respect and be professional naman ..Nurse pa naman tayo .. di ba ?Sto. Domingo Cainta Rizal Health Center personnel?