Lifestyle Nutrition and fitness Consultancy

About Life Style Nutrition and Fitness Consultancy

Life style Nutrition and Fitness consultancy is a team of qualified Nutritionists, Dieticians, Physical and Mental therapists with the aim of improving Nutrition, physical and mental status of Ugandans. In the freelance industry we help you attain a better lifestyle that can improve your health and Keep you safe from the enormous life style diseases. We also manage the exiting conditions and prevent their upgrade.


Why Life style Nutrition and Fitness consultancy

There is a changing trend in the Nutrition statuses of Ugandans. The wealthy people especially those in the urban areas are challenged with over nutrition due to poor feeding habits and sedentary lifestyles. This has led to an increase in the lifestyle diseases which can be prevented if measures are put in place. On the contrary, the low income earners in slums and the countrysides are starving whereas those who have just enough to eat most times lack the basic knowledge on the appropriate way of eating. The changing life styles have led to a great number of infants with congenital malformations and disabilities. People are stressed with ill health and socio -economic difficulties.

Lifestyle Nutrition and fitness consultancy presents fresh knowledge, skills and experience to avert these challenges and improve the life of those in need of the services in a holistic way.


Services Offered by Lifestyle Nutrition and Fitness Consultancy

1. Providing diet therapy for conditions like;










Eating disorders

Low appetite

Food allergies and intolerance among others


2. General nutrition and dietetic consultation expert knowledge on dietary needs;

Advise on nutrients available in different foods and how to fully utilize them.

Identifying what nutrients may be lacking in your diet and how to improve your eating habits


3. Specialized advice on;

Healthy food preparation

Proper food selection

Recommended food supplements (if applicable for a particular condition)

Kitchen gardening


4. Nutrition and fitness advice, care and support for;

Weight loss management in Adults, children and elderly

Pregnant and lactating mothers

Infant and young child feeding

Sports men and women


5. Special home based care and management of children with special needs conditions like;

Cerebral palsy

Downs symdrome


Spinal bifida


Congenital deformities and many others


6. Health Education and Sensitization

Nutrition Education in Workshops and seminars for schools, Hospitals, companies and organizations.

Talk shows in radios and televisions

Interviews in News papers


7. Family counseling


8. Periodic Newsletter that entails Nutrition and fitness tips